Gaudí's projects that never becomed realized

Restoration of Poblet (1870) Monument to Anselm Clavé (1875) School project of door of a cemetery (1875) School project of courtyard of the palace of the Generalitat (1876) School project of a wharf (1876) School project of a hospital (1876) School project of fountain for the square of Catalonia (1877) Enlargement of the Cooperative of Mataró (1877) School project of assembly hall of the University (1877) Casino of the Cooperative of Mataró (1878) Announcing device Carré (1878) Kiosk Girossi (1878) Parade in honor of the Rector of Vallfogona (1879) Chapel of the Holy Sacrament of the parish of Alella (1883) Graves for the family Güell in Montserrat House Clapés Pulpits for the parish of Blanes Chasuble for Girona Cottage Mateu Pulpit for València Planes for the construction of a shed Shed for water tanks Room of the doorman on the terrace of the house Güell Washers in the terrace of n. 30 of the Rambla of Caputxins Washer in the terrace of n. 16 of the street Còdols Restoration of the cathedral of Manresa Pavilion of hunting in the Garraf Restoration of the Saló of Cent and throne for the Queen Catholic Missions of Tanger Reforms of the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Mercy Monument to James I Chapel of the Tereses Monument to Enric Prat de la Riba Railway Station of Barcelona Hotel Atraction Church of the Assumption, in Rancagua Chapel Calvet, in Torelló Church in Villaricos Bridge on the torrent of Pomeret Monument to Josep Torras i Bages

Josep Maria Tarragona, November 27, 2008

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