Clodomir Coll i Ibáñez

Clodomir Coll i Ibañez was born in Barcelona on February 5, 1892, at the home of his parents, Jaume and Martina, Flassaders Street, n.º. 36, 4. º. He was baptized on 14 in the cathedral. At 34, he married Trinitat Busquets i Lopez, 30, on July 8, 1926. They had a son whom they named Jordi and suffered from polio. On July 19, 1936, in the context of the onset of the Spanish Civil War, the bloodiest persecution against Catholics in the history of Catalonia broke out. The priests were murdered and the people who hid or helped ran the same fate. Coll i Busquets family lived on Mallorca Street -six blocks of the Sagrada Família-, n.º 325, 3. º, 2. Theirs neighbors landing at door 1, were Fth. Gil Parés, who had been priest of the Cript of the Sagrada Família and director of the school; Consol Puig i Querol, school teacher, and his niece 16 years Montserrat Puig i Allepús. Sunday July 26 at 9 pm night, there was a patrol looking for "a priest named Parés that had been reported." Not found. Soon after came Fth. Parés. Coll i Busquets family offered him their apartment to spend the night because the patrol could return. The goalkeeper, who had seen come Fth. Parés, he denounced "the fascist is at home", and 10 h. again presented the patrol. Upon hearing the blasphemies, the struggles and threats, Fth. Gil decided to surrender voluntarily to their murderers, with the desire to avoid more deaths. He opened the door and begged his executioners to let him finish his prayers. Then he raised his pale forehead sweating and throwing a look of bitterness Consol and her niece Montserrat, and marriage Coll i Busquets and their son Jordi, said: "There is nothing to do. Farewell, brothers, until the heaven. " However, the pursuers also carried Consol Puig, for saying that the priest would not come that night, and Clodomir Coll, for having offered him the apartment. They went to the "Torre dels Pardals" and Guinardó quarry, behind the Hospital of Sant Pau, where they murdered the three by the neck, with explosive bullets to disfigure. Clodomir Coll was a Republican, despite which he was killed. He was not killed by the opposing side in the Spanish Civil War beginning, but elements of the same political and military side. He was killed only because he had taken refuge to a Catholic priest. 27 July 1936, fifty-five bodies were admitted to the judicial deposit of the Hospital Clinic; a habitual number. At 6 h., it arrived that of Clodomir Coll, with the tab 3990. He was buried in the cemetery of Sud-oest.

Josep Maria Tarragona, August 24, 2011

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