Jaume Llonch i Solà

Jaume Llonch i Solà was born April 6, 1890 in Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Vallès Occidental). He was the son of Josep Llonch, brick maker, and Fidela Solà, born in Sant Marti Provençals (now Barcelona). He was baptized on April 13, with the names of James, Joseph and Antony, being godparents Jaume Llonch i Fité, farmer of Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, and Eulalia Torras i Mañosa, from Lliçà d'Amunt. He was the sixth of eight children: Núria (1876), Josep (1879), Josepa (1879), Pere (1883), Joan (1886), Jaume (1890), Josep (1893) and Maria Àngels (1899). Jaume studied at the Seminary of Barcelona. He was ordained "Servitio Ecclesiae" in 1916 and followed the ecclesiastical career: He was successively coadjutor of Santa Eulalia de Ronçana, Premià de Mar, Sant Pere de Terrassa, Badalona and the Sagrada Família. In 1923 he was named coadjutor of the Crypt of de Sagrada Família, then a parish holding of Sant Martí de Provençals. He was the organist and led the singing of the people in liturgical celebrations. Fr. Jaume Llonch spoke at the funeral of Antoni Gaudí, on Saturday June 12, 1926 in the afternoon. Topping the clergy of the Sagrada Família, he picked up the coffin of the architect in the door of the Cathedral, attended by Fr. Jaume Vilar, Fr. Ramon Vall, Fr. Manuel Torner and Fr. Jaume Colet. The procession arrived at the works of the Sagrada Família to the sunset. They placed the coffin instead on the future altar and Fr. Jaume Llonch sang a dirge. Next, the Orfeo Català sang the "Libera Me" by Victoria. The following Thursday took place in the Crypt several funeral Masses for the soul of Gaudí. Fr. Jaume celebrated the solemn at 8 h.: was the "Requiem" in Gregorian chant, as Gaudí liked. When done, he sang a dirge at his tomb. In 1931, be erected the Crypt of the Sagrada Família parish, Fr. Jaume Llonch was appointed its first vicar. He lived on the street Bailen, 95-97, 4. º, 2., with the family of Miss Anna Biern. The same day that broke the religious persecution, July 19, 1936, against the advice, went to the Crypt to celebrate the Mass of 6 h., as usual. He was without his cassock and civilian clothes and, without being able to celebrate mass, he could return home. Next day, he hid in the house of his friend Dr. Pujol. But little confidence in a servant, she could denounce him, determined to leave the hideout. Return to Biern family home, where they indicated that they were under surveillance waiting just catch him. Distress calls were made and said Francesc d'Assís Diéguez i Foguet, who offered to hide him at his home in the ronda Sant Pere, 58, 3. n. 1.; home he shared with his older sister Mercè and his lower sister Josepa, both also single. There remained Fr. Jaume, leaving the floor a few minutes only once, while his departure out of Catalonia was handled. But September 16, at 19 pm, an anarchist patrol discovered him and presented in the home. They took Fr. Jaume, Francesc and Mercè. Fr. Jaume was killed the night of 17 to 18 September in Can Tunis. He was 46. His body was admitted to the morgue of the Hospital Clinic at 7 h. day 18, with the tab 3B. Francesc d'Assis and Mercè were killed two nights later, the 19 to 20, after sixty hours of abuse, hunger and thirst. They were 50 and 34. In the Hospital Clínic, the bodies were photographed and, if the relatives did not come to pick them up within three days, were buried as "undocumented" in the mass grave in the cemetery of Montjuïc. So it was with Fr. Jaume Llonch i Solà, "3B", the September 20, 1936.

Josep Maria Tarragona, Jan 4, 2012

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