Mercè Diéguez i Foguet

Mercè Diéguez i Foguet born May 11, 1886 in Barcelona, Princesa Street, No. 53, mezzanine. She was the daughter of Dolors Foguet i Boix and Aureli Diéguez i Mas, who imposed to baptize the names of Maria de la Mercè, Teresa, and Adela Anastasia. In 1936 she was single and shared home with her brothers Fancesc and Josefa at the ronda de Sant Pere, No. 58, 3, 1. ª, that had been of their parents, who died in 1916 and 1924. Mercè was the homemaker and was known in the neighborhood to teach catechism in her parish, Sant Pere de les Puel•les. On July 24, 1936, five days of religious persecution began, welcomed and sheltered Catholic priest Fth. Jaume Llonch i Solà, vicar of the Crypt of the Sagrada Família, who only left the house once during a few minutes. On 19 August, Diéguez family and Fth. Jaume witnessed what happened at No. 7 the same street. They had discovered seven monks of Montserrat, which were taken to Pedralbes and killed. It was usual when priests were, in spite of which the brothers Diéguez stuck to hide in his family home to Fth. Jaume. Finally, a patrol pursuers submitted September 16, 1936, in his apartment, with Mercè, Josefa and the priest refugee. They waited that Francesc d'Assis come; and when he arrived, the doorman told him not to go up, warning of the situation. "I do not let my sisters", he exclaimed. And he went up. They were to take the priest, he and Mercè. Josefa was offered in her place, but the patrol shouted: "For you did not come! We come for that who teaches Catholic religion at the Puel•les and that who went for the priest." They took all three. After about sixty hours of abuse, hunger and thirst, the night of 19 to 20 September 1936 Francesc d'Assis and Mercè were killed in Can Tunis. Mercè was 50. Her body was admitted to the Hospital Clinic at 1 am on September 20, with the record 18-B, next to her brother. His clothes were burned, had a frontal wound and burns postmortem. Some relatives, Antoni Porta i Cotarua, Rosa Porta I Gomez and Wenceslau Coll i i Torres, identified, collected and buried in a niche interim Montjuïc Cemetery, via Sant Jordi, group 7. ª Mercè were wearing medals delivered to her sister Josefa.

Josep Maria Tarragona, August 14, 2011

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