Gaudí visits the talaiots of Minorca (1910)

Anton Gaudí took advantage of one of his trips to Majorca to visit the neighboring island of Minorca. On May 1, 1910 he took the steam "Monte Toro", accompanied of Joan Rubió i Bellver. In Maó, they were waited by the lieutenant colonel of engineers Marià Rubió -brother of Joan-, with whom they visited the parish of Santa Maria, the Town hall, the Civil Hospital and other buildings. In the evening, they went out of Maó to cross the island seeing talaiots. Anton Gaudí returned to Palma on May 7, 1910. The talaiots ("talaiot" is in Catalan language the augmentative one of "talaia", watchtower) are megalithic monuments, work of the before Romans settlers of the Illes Balears. They are done only by stones, big and small; and surely they had a defensive purpose. The passage of time has ruined those of Majorca; in Minorca, on the other hand, many of them remain in excellent conditions. The influence of the talaiots is evident in Gaudí's work, for example in some constructions of the Park Güell.

Josep Maria Tarragona, August 24, 2006

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