The lineage of Gaudí

The lineage Gaudí comes from Auvergne and it came to Catalonia, concretely to the village of Riudoms, in the first third of the XVIIth century. Its origin is in a village of name Saint Santin still not identified, that might be Saint Santin de Maurs, Saint Santin Cantalčs or any other one today eliminated. Probably, the original name in Occitan language was "Guaudin" or "Gaudin", that became Catalan immediately as "Gaudí". The surname, with the French graph "Gaudy", is not infrequent in the current telephone directories of the zone. The first Gaudí was called Joan and in 1631 already he was living in Riudoms. Seven Gaudí generations join him with Anton Gaudí i Cornet, which closes the lineage in 1926. On mother part, the Cornet were an ancestral family original of the Mas Cornet, placed to few kilometers of Santa Coloma de Queralt, in the county of the Conca de Barberŕ. The first Cornet that moved to Reus, in 1764, was called Carles. He was the mother great-grandfather of Anton Gaudí i Cornet.

Josep Maria Tarragona, October 3, 2006

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