Academic year 1868-1869: Anton Gaudí arrived in Barcelona

The autumn of 1868 -that of the Glorious Revolution- was crucial for the emigration of the family Gaudí i Cornet in Barcelona. They emigrated how they make it the Latin: joined in group, sacrificing they self the old ones for the future of the sons, and leaning they self in the relatives and known from Reus and Riudoms that had preceded them. The first in settling in Barcelona was the old daughter, Rosa, in some dates and circumstances that are unknowns for us. In September of 1868, the baron sons, Francesc and Anton, to put in practice the desire for their parents of endowing them with university studies, arrived. Francesc registered himself in first course of Medicine. And Anton, in sixth and last course of High School, as a free student in the Institute. The Institute was in the building amortized of the convent of the Carmen, who accommodated also the Faculty of Sciences. Both brothers lived in a room sublet in a back room of the square of Montcada, 12. They lived, then, in one of the Gothic architectural environments more extraordinary of the world: the common houses of the alleys of the neighborhood of the Bank, which preserved the names of the mediaeval guilds still; the palaces of the great mercantile bourgeoisie of the 14th century of the street Montcada; and the very elegant temple of Santa Maria del Mar, paradigm of the Gothic typical of Catalonian countries. A lesson of mechanics, of constructive techniques and of Gothic art that necessarily had to disturb the sensitive soul of the teenage artist. Rosa married on 18 March of 1869, in the parish of Santa Madrona, of Barcelona, to the natural musician of Lleida Josep Egea i Ferrer, of 24 years, who lived in the street Picalqués, n. 7, 4. º. Arrived June of 1869, Francesc overcame first of Medecine brilliantly and Anton almost finished the High School. He approved of "Natural History" and "Physics and Chemistry" but the "French" remained pending.

Josep Maria Tarragona, April 7, 2007

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