Academic year 1871-1872: Return to Reus and Riudoms

The autumn of 1871, Anton did not come back to Barcelona. He probably remained in Reus, maybe for motives of health, because the economical modesty of the family did not allow to sustain two students out of home, to help his father or molt probably for a restatement of his university studies, that until the moment they had brought a rhythm very slowly and that they had not driven to any tangible result. The case is that he did not register himself in anything for course 1871-1872. It is possible that he worked in the cotton steam "La Fabril Cotonera, S.A." the director of which, Joan Tarrats i Aleu, one of the owner partners and intimate friend of the recently murdered general Prim, had great estimation for the intellectual qualities of the youngster Gaudí and he offered to paying him the university studies. Referent to the family savings, it had finished and Francesc Gaudí father had to go to the relatives so that his old son Francesc could continue Medicine. On 12 April of 1872 he asked his widowed sister-in-law Teresa Pomerol for a loan of 750 pesetas, to come back in five years and without interests, putting a piece of and of the part of Castellnou in Riudoms as a pledging.

Josep Maria Tarragona, April 7, 2007

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