Carles Sentís i Anfruns

Carles Sentis i Anfruns (Barcelona, 9-XII-1911 - Barcelona, 19-VII-2011) was a political journalist and his articles covered some of the major events of the twentieth century: campaigns of De Gaulle in Africa, the liberation of Dachau, the Nuremberg Court, the creation of the UN, etc.. His grandfather Jaume Sentís i Gran was Riudoms physician, his uncle Eusebi (1851 - 1921) was the pharmacist and his uncle Gaietà (Riudoms 1846 - Tarragona, 1922) was childhood playmate of Antoni Gaudí. Gaietà Sentís i Gran was ordained priest in 1868 and went to Leon as vicar general from 1876 to 1898. He lived with his niece Gertrude and when traveling León Gaudí to build the house Botines, was staying with them. In Barcelona, home of Sentís are frequently received a visit from uncle Plàcid Sentís iVilanova, father's brother, who lived in Riudoms. When he came to the capital, he had lunch with Antoni Gaudí in Sagrada Família. Then took a taxi to his brother's house and ask to please do a couple of fried eggs. He came hungry because lunch with Gaudí had consisted of a very frugal diet, complete with nuts, especially hazelnuts, idolized by the people of Riudoms. Carles Sentis I Anfruns did not know Gaudí. She was 14 the day of his death on June 10, 1926. His father took him along with his brothers and went to the Hospital de la Santa Creu. Explained his experience: "In the chapel there were no flowers or other decorations to the religious. Gaudí was lying next to the morgue. (...) He was not disfigured because he died of stroke of the tram, but not landed under the wheels. He wore a dark suit, which was not at all shabby, as stated, but simply neglected. Because he was sunburned and air from the scaffolding of the Sagrada Família, his color was not the pallor of wax. It was a gray copper. In contrast with his white beard and hair, the tone of his skin gave him a certain glow. In the chapel we just stopped for a prayer, because it was many people. Long enough to see the image that always stuck with me of a man who had never seen. He looked off to did not evoke his death would have caused by an outrage." And he added as a comment: "If Gaudí had suffered the accident today, would have been saved. And the worst is that he also would have survived had he not been the victim of bad careless and poor professionalism of the people who took care of him during the first hours long."

Josep Maria Tarragona, July 23, 2011

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