Engràcia Llorens i Pellicé, midwife of Riudoms

Engràcia Llorens i Pellicer was the midwife of Riudoms in 1852. She was 31 years at the time and married Josep Magrinyà i Mas. Rightly when Gaudí was born -June of 1852- there generated the first son, Josep, who was born on March 16, 1853. Later they had other two children: Andreu (1855) and Maria (1858). Still when she became a widow, she lived with her daughter Maria, who also was a midwife, she was married and had a daughter, of name likewise Engràcia and born in 1885. Engràcia Llorens died on December 18, 1897, with more than 70 years. Her daughter, Maria Magrinyà i Llorens, died in 1940, with more than 80 years The granddaughter, Engràcia Fontgivell i Magrinyà, died in 1959. She was the first one in putting in writing the oral tradition on Gaudí's birth in the Mas de la Calderera. She did it in Riudoms's court on September 26, 1959, or hundred seven years after the facts. Three women -grandmother, daughter and granddaughter- had coexisted for a long time in the same familiar house. The grandmother had died when the granddaughter was 12 years old. There are, therefore, the conditions in order that the historians could give reliability to an oral tradition: transmission for familiar feminine and direct route: mother/daughter and grandmother/granddaughter.

Josep Maria Tarragona, October 16, 2006

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