Eduard Calvet i Pintó

Vilassar de Dalt was a population of long cottony tradition. In the middle of the XIXth century there were thirty small workshops, as that of Pere Màrtir Calvet, who died in 1894. There succeeded to him his widow Juliana Pintó and his two sons, Pere and Eduard, with the name of "Hijos de Pedro Mártir Calvet ", that they entrusted the house of Barcelona to Gaudí and gave a strong impulse to the family enterprise, until reached 700 workers distributed in three factories, in Vilassar, in Orís and in Camprodón. Eduard Calvet i Pintó (1875-1917) take at the same time the management of the company and a political career and of managerial leader of his sector cotton grower and of the set of Catalonia. He supported the protectionism, the creation of professional schools, the Catalan nation and the republic. He belonged to the party Centre Nacionalista Republicà and he was president of the board of directors of the diary "El Poble Català". In 1907 he was elected a deputy by the district of Arenys de Mar by Solidaritat Catalana and in 1914 senator by the province of Tarragona. Also he was a president of the Protective Association of the Catalan Education and of the Commercial Travelers’ Association of Catalonia. He represented the Catalan cotton growers in the Committee of the Cotton Manufacturers' International Federation and took part in the international congresses cotton growers of Manchester, Liverpool, Milan, London and Brussels. Barcelona Cotton grower was designated as headquarters of the Congress VIII International, in 1911, under Eduard Calvet's presidency. This did of him a figure and in 1913 he was elected a president of Promotion of Foment del Treball Nacional, the Catalan employer’s association. But Eduard Calvet died young, on August 2, 1917, at the age of forty two. He has a street dedicated in Vilassar de Dalt.

Josep Maria Tarragona, April 23, 2006

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